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My commissioned paintings tell a story about the client. They make beautiful commemorative pieces and have been used to celebrate anniversaries, retirements, memorials to a loved one or simply an individual's personal journey through life.

 It has been said that my “style” could be in the manner of the 17th Century banquet painters, in that my work is opulent, but the style is unobtrusive, and this is how I approach my commission work.

Early banquet paintings displayed the owners' wealth; fine furnishings, gold, silver—the artist used everything necessary to convey the impression that the client was a person of importance and wealth. These early paintings were then hung in a conspicuous space so that upon arrival to the owner's home, guests were immediately impressed with the status of the owner.

I strive for a look of wealth, but it's a richness of heart and soul. The paintings I do as commissions contain items that are of great value to my clients, but in a very personal and quiet way. We pull together items which the client wishes to share with others, but they are not presented as boastful works of ownership as the old banquet paintings were. Instead, they form the "story" of a family or person, since many of the items are very personal. The owner is able to share the story with others who come into his or her home, but it is a sharing of items from the heart.  

I will begin the process of a commissioned piece by meeting with a client and discussing the history of some of the pieces he or she has chosen to be depicted in the painting.  I will then take the objects back to my studio and begin arranging them to present a story or theme. I take photographs of my still life set up and share these with the client. Photos are sent as many times as needed in order to best tell the story in a way that works for the client.

I often tell my clients that their painting will be a way to display cherished mementos or family heirlooms without having to dust them all the time. Please email me to discuss pricing.

One of my best-loved commissions is the one I did for former Lieutenant Governor and later Governor of Indiana, Joe Kernan, Jr. He wanted a painting made up of all-Indiana items. It hung in his offices in the Statehouse, and was my largest so far at 5 feet by 5 feet. It is the first one in the line-up.