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My commissioned paintings tell a story about the client. They make beautiful commemorative pieces and have been used to celebrate anniversaries, retirements, memorials to a loved one or simply a record of an individual's personal journey through life.

I paint these commissions in the style of 17th century banquet painters. The work is opulent, but unobtrusive. Early banquet paintings displayed the owners' wealth, fine furnishings, gold, silver and rare objects. Even though I strive for a look of wealth, it's a richness of heart and soul. The paintings I do as commissions contain items that are of great value to my clients, but in a very personal and quiet way.

One of my best-loved commissions is the one I did for former Governor of Indiana, Joe Kernan, Jr and his wife Maggie. They wanted a painting made up of all-Indiana items. It hung in his offices in the Statehouse, and was my largest commission so far at 5 feet by 5 feet.

Pure Indiana, 60"x 60", Watercolor

For Darryl, 25"x 25", Watercolor

Little Chef, 30"x 30", Watercolor

Treasures, 34"x 46", Watercolor

Anniversary, 55"'x 45", Watercolor (details)

Family Portrait 1, 42"x 31", Watercolor                        Family Portrait 2, 42"x 32", Watercolor

Scotch and Roses, 28"x 38", Watercolor

Spanish Wine, 30"x 24", Watercolor