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Most of these paintings are no longer available. Those that are still available are marked as such. Any may be ordered as digital prints, including the original watercolors on my home page. Please contact me if you are interested in buying a print. With the exception of the very large ones, they may be ordered in any size up to and including the size of the original, and I will be happy to work with you to come up with a size that fits your needs.

Have Friends Over, 50"x 35", 127x 88.9cm

Bread in Captivity, 44"x 34", 111.8x 86.4cm

Toile de Jouy et Joie de Vivre, 34"x 29.5", 86.4x 74.9cm

Feminine Crusades, 51"x 52", 129.5x 132.1cm

Roomie's Daughter Got Married, And Things Don't Turn Out the
Way You Thought, Myra Ann
, 60"x 60",
152.4x 152.4cm
still available as an original

Maria's Dinner Table, 48"x 45", 121.9x 114.3cm

I Can Handle This, 42"x 42", 106.7x 106.7cm

Ballerina Doll Reaches Fort Knox in a Chocolate Dream, 42"x 34",
106.7x 86.4cm


That Was Some Party, 45"x 31.5", 114.3x 80cm, still available as an original

Good Red Wine; Good Dark Chocolate, 32"x 28", 81.3x 71.1cm

Eye Candy, 52"x 32", 132.1x 120.7cm

Dim Sum in Red Room, 65"x 60", 165.1x 152.4cm

What a Fruitcake! 60"x 60", 152.4x 152.4cm

Mona Lisa Dances with Poppies, 48"x 48", 121.9x 121.9cm

Pure Indiana, 60"x 60", 152.4x 152.4cm

Cognac and Sweets, 31"x 39", 78.7x 99.1cm