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I choose to work in transparent watercolor, a decidedly non-traditional medium for such large and complex compositions, and share this “genre” with few other artists.  Most who work on such a large scale simplify their subject matter, or use another medium.   I feel that by using watercolor, I have control of all stages of translucency, from light and airy color to fully intense color. Watercolor allows me to render bright, shiny highlights and deep shadows without  layers of paint that might  intrude upon the flatness of the paper surface and be distracting. Indeed, the paper itself becomes the brightest white highlights, because I never use white paint—it’s too opaque. Color placement, contrast between light and dark, and my attention to the “edges” of the objects make the key pieces of the still life stand out and demand attention. 

It has been suggested to me that my work is too "busy".  My paintings apprear very fll of detail, to be sure, but that is because they are full of thought. A friend described my work as "thought-ful", and I feel that is very appropriate. Tthere is a lot going on, both in detail, color and a multitude of objects but it is only to tell the story that is within the painting. 

I use realism to draw in the viewer. Close inspection wlll reveal a great deal more than simply depicting what  was sitting in front of me!


 Paintings marked with an asterisk are available for sale. The others are available as digital reproductions.

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