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I am often confronted with an exclamation of "This can't be watercolor! It's too precise!"

To be certain, my way of treating transparent watercolor is anything but traditional. I hope to gain a more contemporary, perhaps slicker feel to the surface. While my approach eliminates some of the spontaneity of the traditional methods, using watercolor allows me to add layer after layer, building up an intensity of color while maintaining a very flat surface.

I also spend an incredible amount of time obsessing over the details.  Everything seen in a painting is preceded by precise drawings. I will work out as many details as possible before touching paint to the paper. My attention to detail results in only a few paintings per year.For subject matter, I frequently use personal experiences, societal and political issues and their broader meaning as inspiration. Every now and then my paintings are somewhat therapeutic  for me. Every one tells a story.

Fight for Democracy, 48"x 55", 121.92x 139.7cm, Watercolor

Are You in There? 38"x  49", 96.5x  124cm, Watercolor

Buying Indulgences, 32"x 48", 81.28x 121.92cm, Watercolor

Listen, 58"x 38", 147.32x 96.5cm, Watercolor
Exhibited in Cause and ∆ffect: Art that Speaks Out, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis

Systemic Bias, 48"x 48.5", 121.9x 123.2cm, Watercolor

Break Out, 45"x 40.5", 114.3x 102.9cm, Watercolor

Self Image, 36"x 60", 91.4x 152.4cm, Watercolor

Political Circus, 51.5"x 32", 130.8x 120.7cm, Watercolor
Exhibited in Cause and ∆ffect: Art that Speaks Out, and Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis
Permanent Collection

I Should Have Stopped With the Animals, 35"x 32", 88.9x 81.3cm, Watercolor

Distortion vs. Transparency, 50"'x 47.5", 127x 120.7cm, Watercolor

The Chocolate Wars, 34"x 32",
120.7x 86.4cm, Watercolor
Exhibited in American Watercolor Society Show, New York

The Queen Slays the Old Dinosaurs, Thereby Freeing the Child, 45"x 56",
114.3x 142.2cm, Watercolor

The Devil's In the Details, 45"x 55", 114.3x 139.7cm, Watercolor

Food Pyramid, 40.5"x 54", 102.9x 137.2cm, Watercolor

Marbles, 45"x 37.5", 114.3x 95.3cm, Watercolor